The routine

There is nothing that cannot be solved. This has been one of our key principles since 2006, when we started trading in cereals, pulses and oilseeds on a global scale. Every day we trade at the CME, MATIFF and Euronext, analyse market data and share insights with loyal partners. We create and offer unique financial risk management instruments to Lithuanian farmers.

The team

Without a doubt, this is one of our company’s strongest assets. Although small, yet tight-knit group of people, we are exceptionally effective in performance. We love our work, feel unfading passion for trading and have genuine respect for our colleagues and partners. This has led to our reputation as a trustworthy and dynamic organization in the global market.

The HISTORY of our Business


Agrorodeo was founded on the 7th of November.


The company became a member of The Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA).


Agrorodeo was awarded with the European Code of Good Trading Practice (GTP) certification and have been every year since.


The co-founder and CEO of Agrorodeo, Robertas Lapinskas, became a certified GAFTA arbitrator.

The Company built and put into operation grain terminal in Liepaja, Latvia.


Agrorodeo were awarded with the ISCC certification and have been every year since.


Our company became the first in Lithuania to import Fuego bean seeds.


We set our loading speed record with 5 large vessels loaded in Lithuanian and Latvian ports at once.

Completed our first soybean business in Brazil by delivering to Russia.

Commenced our international trade in beans.


Agrorodeo became the first in the history of Lithuania to load a Panamax vessel with feed wheat. The vessel carried the wheat to South Korea.

We loaded a Post Panamax vessel with 72.5 thousand tonnes of barley. It was the largest barley vessel to be loaded in a Baltic port that season.


We sold grain directly to India and Egypt for the first time.

Shipped rye in ocean containers to Japan.


Agrorodeo became the official supplier of The Saudi Arabia Grain Organisation (SAGO).

Export of beans from Great Britain to Egypt.

First in Lithuania to import chickpea seeds.


Agrorodeo completed a direct sale of grain to Saudi Arabia for the first time in the history of the Baltic states.

The Company loaded a 66000 tons vessel with premium wheat to Israel.

The Company was awarded with the European Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP+) certification and have been every year since.


We loaded first vessel to China.

Agrorodeo accomplished a record turnover of €601.4 M and sold a record amount of grain totalling 2.959 MMT.


We sold our first direct vessel of wheat to China.

The main SPONSORSHIP projects

The Agrorodeo Dakar and the Lithuanian Rally Team

Since 2015, we have been the general sponsor of Lithuanian rally champion Vaidotas Zala. Since 2016, Zala competes in breath-taking international competitions, like the Dakar rally. He has already taken part in the world’s biggest rally four times, claiming an impressive 12th place in 2019. With Vaidotas we share the same focus on the results, the responsible and professional approach to what we do and ability to quickly orient ourselves in unexpected situations.

Kretinga Motoball (Motorcycle Polo) Club

Motoball was born in France nearly 100 years ago. Steeped in tradition but highly unique, this extreme sport and it’s loyal community shares similar values to Agrorodeo. That’s why we love to support our local Samogitian team and help them compete internationally.

Maltesers (the Order of Malta Relief Organization)

In Lithuania, we stand united with the Order of Malta, the world’s oldest humanitarian organisation with presence in 120 countries worldwide. Since 2012, we have been sponsoring the Maltese Soup Campaign in Lithuania. The programme supports the elderly, providing care and soup every day to over 2,600 seniors in 42 different towns across our home country.