Business ethics

AGRORODEO, UAB  (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), one of the largest grain exporters in the Baltic States, acknowledges, understands and feels its responsibility for the impact of its activities on the natural, social and economic environment.

The principles of business ethics underpin the Company’s fundamental values and standards of conduct, which the Company follows in cooperating with its customers, partners, suppliers, employees, the authorities and the public.




The Company carries out its activities on the basis of the criteria of reasonableness and justice, while respecting the laws and the legal and tax requirements applicable in the Republic of Lithuania and the other countries in which it operates. The Company aims to create added value not only for its employees, customers and business partners, but also for the society at large. The Company has committed itself to the highest standards of transparency, integrity and professionalism, socially responsible behavior and respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms.


Financial transparency.

The Company’s activities and objectives are transparent and clearly stated, and the Company’s key documents are publicly available in order to ensure full disclosure and protection of the interests of all interested parties. The company does not deal in cash, does not tolerate corruption and takes preventive action against illegal business transactions.

The Company requires all legal or natural persons associated with it to ensure that the financial information and/or data they provide is accurate and complete and drawn up in strict compliance with all applicable legislation and business accounting standards.



The Company operates in a transparent and fair manner, respecting the rules of competition and other legal provisions governing its activities, and pays the applicable taxes.


Attention to employees.

The Company is working to ensure that employee performance evaluation is based on their work results and value-based behaviour, that they are provided with timely and adequate health care and occupational safety and enjoy a secure (financially and morally) as well as stimulating environment.


Respect for human rights and freedoms.

The Company’s working environment has been designed to ensure that people with various individual differences feel equally well and are respected. The Company does not tolerate direct or indirect discriminatory, degrading, humiliating, offensive or arrogant treatment of its employees or any other persons it encounters in the course of its business operations. The company is strongly opposed to physical and psychological violence.


Political activity.

The Company does not participate in, finance or otherwise support political parties, political organisations or politicians.


Avoiding conflicts of interest.

The Company takes all necessary steps to identify and avoid conflicts of interest that may arise between the Company and other persons or clients associated with the Company. In the event of a conflict of interest, the Company makes every possible effort to avoid any adverse effects on the interests of its clients.


Policy on gifts.

The Company accepts and makes only such business gifts that do not go beyond the normal standards of business relations and transparency. The Company does not tolerate any gifts that are intended to gain an advantage in any of the Company’s operations.


Protection of the Company’s assets and property.

The employees use the Company’s assets in a sustainable, rational and prudent fashion, taking the Company’s interests into consideration. The Company’s assets include the ideas, works and know-how of the Company’s employees, as well as the Company’s image and reputation on the market.


Confidentiality and trade secrets.

The Company’s employees respect and protect the Company’s trade secrets, as well as any confidential information of the Company and its business partners that they have received or learned in the course of their work, and do not use this information for their own or other persons’ benefit.